Our Inner Nature is what we draw from
to grow our dreams
Part technique, part meditation, Inner Nature Drawing allows us to slow down and find sanctuary in our drawing practices by honoring how we see, sense, and connect with the our inner and outer natural worlds
I'm offering this class online and in-person as a seed from my heart, carried by my inner child, who has returned to drawing throughout my life as a way to grow in love with the world. 
This course is for any one who: 
~ Feels they are "not good at drawing" 
~ Wants to jump start their creative practice in the new year
~ Loves drawing but never has the time
~ Wants to connect with their unique creative voice
~ Needs a break and time to reset
~ Wants to connect more deeply to the land where they live
Through Inner Nature Drawing, creators will learn to:
~Draw intuitively
~Improve their inner eyesight
~ Find play between pencil and page
~ Find sanctuary through practice
~ Develop their own visual vocabulary
~ Connect with the land where they live through their creative process.
Contact me here to sign up for the next series or find out how to host a class near you!
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