What is alive beyond our ordinary senses?
How can we create magic through the moving image? 
What can film do that no other medium can?

The moving image has shaped our ability to see and story our worlds. From the earliest cave paintings animated by torchlight, to Eadweard Muybridge famed galloping horse, we have found new meaning and created new realities by bringing our imagination to life.  
To this day I find great inspiration in interplay between the material world and the moving image. Whereas most modern animation would have the human hand erased from the screen, I find that the real magic lies in playing with the material world! 
From this sense of experimentation, transformation, and play I've had the joy create many animated shorts for performance artists, short films, and video installations.
Take a look at some of my work below and feel inspired to reach out if have a project in mind that is in need of some animated alchemy! 
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