I Ching or Yijing is one of the oldest divinatory practices in the world. Meaning "The Classic Book of Changes", this over 3,000 year oracle was written by the Zhou people of Ancient China to help weave changes throughout living times, spaces, seasons, and beyond.
Traditionally using 50 yarrow sticks, a reading was cast to create a hexagram, a combination of six alternating yin and yang lines, that reflect back a clear image or landscape that we may navigate in order to help find the answers to some of our deepest questions. The beauty of this system is that these images, or landscapes are not fixed, but rather living systems that change depending on the context, intention, and interpretation of these movements. With 64 hexagrams to explore our archetypal wanderings and thousands of changing lines to bring clarity and specificity to those situations, the Yijing is truly well of insight. 
As a continuous student of this ancient, complex, and ongoing beautiful system, I love guiding people in this divinatory process. If you would like to book a session today online, or in person, please reach out to me here
I look forward to reading with you soon!

Whether in person or online, we will work together along with my 50 sticks to explore the terrain of your question and dive into the insight that this oracular process brings. 

My job while reading is to help you count, record whatever images an insights arise in the process of the reading, and make sure your mug is filled with cacao to keep us going! 

Each session includes an original image to ground your reading along with an in-depth description and interpretations.

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